tea time with tatev

travel the world | have some tea | build community

Like every good story, it started when I was 12…

I was 12 years old living in Armenia, watching a Brazilian soap opera taking place in Morocco that was translated to Russian. So many layers of complexity and beauty came with the culture, language, food and of course, some dramaaaaa (El CLone if you ever want to watch it). I recall watching and thinking how tea is intricately woven into the social fabric to life and is a symbol of traditional Moroccan hospitality. It signified friendship, community, I was intrigued, I wanted to be part of it all!!! That 12 years old girl dreamed that one day she will get to see the world, travel places she could not pronounce and experience the culture of tea globally. What a life it has been…that 12 year old girl who is living her tech nerd life (currently a Googler, exAmazonian) with the same dream of seeing the world with pure admiration of life and love for tea. We’re having some T-time (it can mean tea time or Tatev time, in any case, it’s a good time!)

Let’s explore the world together


I am constantly struck by the kindness and generosity that I witness of tea people. It seems to be the common language of tea lovers that brings people and communities together. I want you to be part of it.

– Tatev