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tatev papikyan

Hey there! Sooooooo, like who am I and why am I so hyped about tea?

Tea enables us to sip across continents and eras, and I merge my passion for traveling and learning to explore the art of tea. I L.O.V. E drinking tea and have so much respect for the culture and heritage of tea making. Letting curiosity guide my path and sharing my learnings, likes, and experiences with you while I am at it.

No I am not a full time tea blogger, like that would be soooo awesome, let’s be real, one day! I travel a lot and TBH I don’t really like alcohol, coffee is ohhhhkay but try to minimize my intake and tea, just tops the list of my likes with endless flavors. This girl likes to have OPTIONS, and with tea, I never run out.

Bio info: originally from Armenia, lived in Russia for a bit before moving to the States when I was 16. Went to UCLA for undergrad, GOOOOO BRUINS and Columbia University for grad school, gooo Lions, I guess (Columbia school spirit is nonexistent). Worked as a Data Scientist for about 4 yrs, then Amazon (contrary to the popular opinion, I liked it) and now at Google in the Global Business Strategy. Soooo, no tea talk at work.

If you are tea lover, and (a must) traveler, let’s connect! Find me on IG Tat3v or email me at tatev.papikyan@gmail.com.


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