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Tea Rose Garden

Pasadena, United States

What I loved the most? Location, location, location, jk not a real estate agent here, but it’s in the heart of Old Town Pasadena. Cute and adorable crowd. Food was OhhhhKAY, tea was 8.5/10. Overall, I’d say it was 8.5/10.

When in LA and looking for some cute afternoon activity with your girlfriends (mainly gfs), mom, daughter, mother-in-law (I guess, you know, to be nice) Tea Rose Garden in Downtown (Old Town) Pasadena is the spot to be. Beautiful decor, classic piano tunes, and seasonal themed tea trays. What else do you need?!? Nothing, nada!

I went with some of my besties, women who inspire and support me every day. We tried different tea trays to test it out and I personally loved the Tea Rose Afternoon Tray. For $40 you get sandwiches of choice, tea bites, salad, fruit, scone (yummm!) and ya, TEA!!! I got the Signature Tea Rose Black, which was DELICIOUS. Other winners were peach, passion fruit, vanilla almond. Give it a try!

Eight of us had our tea fix and you know, had to go get our R&R with a spa. So, if looking for some “Girls weekend” plans, tea party followed by spa is honestly THE BESTTT.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

What I loved the most? Experiencing traditional Asian tea culture and their tea cocktails! Also, Teaware heaven if looking for a gift for a tea lover!

When in Amsterdam and looking for a beautiful experience (that’s right, they do not call it tea tasting or anything, it’s an experience) make sure to stop by Moychay Tea Culture Club. I experienced the Pin Cha, which from Mandarin translates “to taste tea” ceremony. They also have Gong Fu Cha, the Chinese way of drinking tea. Gong Fu Cha means “making tea with skill” or “making tea the right way”. Gong Fu cha is quite different from the western way of preparing tea, to make tea the Gong Fu way, you need a proper tea set. MoyChay had the best selection of sets, like I could not get over how adorable their selection was.

The Experience itself

My tea guide, Oliver, brought five different teas and after giving me a bit of a background asked me to select one for our ceremony. THAT’S TOUGH OLIVER, anyways we made the choice of Oolong called Chiang Rai Gaba. Surprising because I really like black tea, but we here to experiment. He walked me through the proper way of serving tea in a cute little cups, preshhhh, gave me a bit of history and let me enjoy my tea after. Overall, 10/10 experience and cost me ~$45 (tea ceremony, bought some tea, and you know, this girls needs something sweet with the tea, I got roseberry cake … TO DIE FOR!!).

Website: https://togo.moychay.nl/

Harrods Tea Room

London, England

If you are looking for a truly British afternoon tea experience, look no further than the Harrods Tea Room. This iconic London institution has been serving up delicious tea and pastries for over 100 years, and it continues to be a popular destination for locals and people like me, semi-tourist / semi-working /semi -tea master.

Ok, before or after, we have to check out the Harrods department store. It’s like adult disneyland, so make sure you dedicate time for that. Now, the tea room is located on the fourth, and has stunning views of the city. The room is decorated in a classic Georgian style, with high ceilings, marble floors, and crystal chandeliers. The tea menu features a wide variety of teas, both traditional and contemporary. Also, seasonal menu, I had the Spring Festival Afternoon Tea.

Anyyyyyywayyyyzz, it was a great way to relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon. The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated, make sure to dress to impress (yourself first before anyone else).

High Tea Me

Amsterdam, Netherlands

You know when they say thing happen for a reason? Well, I believe it wholeheartedly. I met Li for a reason, and the fact that she’s a Frida Khalo fan, the universe knew that we must meet.

I did not search for tea or high tea place on Google when I found Li’s place. I simply was looking for cute coffee shops around me and ACCIDENTALLY clicked on a pin that said, High Tea. Anyway, fast forward the next day I arrive to the address, the door is closed but you know, you won’t know until you try. I knocked and a kind woman, who was a guest, opened the door for me. I entered and was astonished with this little cute spot. Loved the colors and decoration, seems like there was an event going to happen with all the “it’s a boy” babyshower signs.

Li came out and kindly informed me that I had to make a reservation a night before and she was all booked, and I could see that, she was. A few seconds of a quick chat, she told me to sit down and have tea on the house. Soon, she brought me empanada, scone with clotted cream and the most amazing brownies, on the house.

Her card said “It’s all about SHARING” and Li does not just say that or write it on a card, Li actually lives by it. I strive one day to find my purpose and align with it the way Li has. If you are reading this Li, I want you to know that you are a beautiful soul and the world needs more people like you 🫶

What I loved the most? THE KINDNESS THAT LI SHOWED ME! What a beautiful soul she is and how she welcomed me to her space.

Website: https://mosaicaffairs.com/high-tea-amsterdam/

Make sure you email her a day before, don’t be like me and just show up.

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